Day 10 My 500 Words : “Write About Writing”

What do you love about the craft?

Writing can be so many things all at once. But you are sharing each part. I have heard people say writing is sacred and it is spiritual and in its own way, even praying. You can use many descriptive words and you can make people see things in writing that you cannot show in pictures alone.

You get to describe of the feelings and actions of something you love or hate. There is a spirit with in writing that comes across, no other way.

Imagine if you will a blind person, and you are describing in detail everything written as in a story, a poem, or singing as a song. That blind person would experience the true feelings you have and the way everything is intended to flow. That is of course, if it is done correctly.

Even in the worst writing ever, there is something to take away and be learned from.

What do you hate? The thing I hate about writing is only if someone tries to limit or censor my words to a point all meaning is taken away. I sometimes hate the fact that there are not enough hours in the day to write about everything I wanted to write for that day.

What’re you struggling with, when it comes to this challenge? I struggle with the grammar and the correct diagram of each topic and supportive lines to each heading; to make it all flow easy into the main idea and or the whole title, so it is not so choppy, and the focus is lost. I struggle with making the title and each heading catchy enough to hold the reader’s attention.

Sometimes, it is scratching beneath the surface to get everything up and look at it all in its totality and starting all over. Some of the ideas that are hardest to put together stay stuck in your head and keep coming out as you write and mean absolutely nothing, to anyone else but the writer.

The message is lost. All is gone and you find yourself unable to bring forth any message except for a couple hundred words of which you cannot make any sense from.

You question yourself and your ability and you stop writing. You are miserable and make everyone around you miserable until you are finally able to make sense again. This cannot make any sense to anyone unless they write.

I go through a gamut of emotions and sometimes find it very hard to express those and still get the message out. Other times it is those emotions which cause everything to flow.

A  lot of people will never understand how spiritual it is or how important it is to you until you finally reach your goal of reaching them.

Writing is a way of having your hand in Gods hand and reaching out to another and it’s like lightning strikes, but it can never happen the same way twice. It can be very hard to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and go back to the beginning and wonder if you have everything in place.

In closing writing is very dear to my heart and I don’t know, if I can ever get the message out to others or tell the story in the right way, that will grasp their attention. But I will keep trying until I do.

Thanks for reading!

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Day 9 My 500 Words : “A Day I Will Never Forget”

Hey Everyone!

It was May 3rd, 2016. I woke up early that morning just able to grab some water and go meet my ride in the driveway. Mike was an older gentleman I had met him and his wife Jeanne at church. I was trying to really be a part of a community again and do early morning bible studies. They happened every Tuesday morning from 6:45 am to 8:00 am.

I really miss Mike and Jeanne and several others from church. I really miss my pastor and buddy, Nathan. He along with the others taught me so much about grace. Everyone is a part of this story, but the main one was Nathan.

I knew things were going to change and was even happy for my buddy. What I didn’t know that day was how much that particular day was going to be a marking for my days to change starting in August just a few short months away. Still my story is about that day in May.

After Bible Study Mike and I went to breakfast. I ordered biscuits and gravy. Mike Ordered his sausage and eggs and coffee and pancakes.  So after breakfast Mike dropped me off at home and then my buddy Nathan came by to get me.

Oh, I was excited! I had packed myself up for the day grabbing my phone, note book, pen,  my journal and my medication. (I have shared this story before, so it may not be all that new to a few of you but to most, its just an entry you haven’t read before.)

Nathan and I hit the highway after going through Dunkin Donuts promising after that day we both would get back on track with diets. He kept his promise. Me, not so much.

Nathan needed to make changes for him and his family and I knew our days together were going to be shortened. I remember how it made me feel inside and how I would have to start over with another new pastor.

On the drive down he was looking over at me and I at him, we were jamming!

We got to the town  where my childhood virtually ended before it should. But my special place there was the bluffs. With Nathan, I got to show him not only the bluffs but the park and the houses and one apartment I remember living in during transition, but really it had burned in a fire; so I just showed him the spot.

I shared with him my 5th grade teacher Mrs Wiley it was about the time in January of 2016 we prayed for and that God would put a special blessing upon her. You see, Mrs. Wiley believed me about something, no one else would. She was the only one who believed me.

We drove to the school I went to there. We drove to the church where I learned the old hymns, not much like what we got today in churches. We were invited to take a look around, I didn’t want to. Then outside was enough for me.


We had a couple of stops to eat and in between Nathan finally got out, what he had been waiting to tell me, and that was he and his family were moving back to Washington.


I kinda already knew however I could feel the burning tears welling up in my eyes, but still struggling, I said that will be great for you . You need that I said. Soon after we were headed back to the bluffs along the way to make our way back home.



We took pictures and he climbed out to get one, I could not get upon the bluffs. We did a lot of praying that day. We did a lot of laughing and a few tears as well. As I returned to where I lived that day and was in my room I ended up falling asleep. It was a really long day.


Within the next week or so we found out Mrs Wiley had been alive during the time we prayed in January. That made me feel so much better because my thinking was even though she died maybe that prayer helped her on that particular day at that moment.

I will always be grateful to Nathan and Mrs Wiley.

Thanks for reading !

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Day 8 My 500 Words: Make a List

Hi Everyone, So you get to follow me on this journey and I am sharing my list of hopes for this year.

  • I want to complete the whole 31 challenge of  #my500words
  • I want visit my mom and her husband several times this year
  • I want to get my car in tip top safe driving condition
  • I want to complete the whole 8 week study with my book/support group
  • I want to pay off any debt by the end of the year
  • I am hoping in April or May I can climb the bluffs where I did as a child
  • I want to have at least finished writing a book by the end of the year
  • I plan to keep on with writing challenges and learn to be able to make the write statements that grab a readers attention
  • I plan to keep on living out my one word daily which is “enough”
  • I plan to keep the chaos in my life down to a minimum and just worry about whats in front of me, and help others where I am able.
  • I want to have a deeper relationship with my creator and to really give all I can to this relationship so that I can remain somewhat peaceful and not filled with bitterness and anger.
  • I want to be able to make more of my meetings with friends around the tables those who know what that means will understand as they read this one
  • I do want to be content whether lacking or in plenty

Imagine, all we have is one day left to live. Will I be angry because everything looks impossible to do?  If I am smart I won’t. I will do what I know to do and not entertain any arguments or strife with others. Life is too short already. So if all I have , is one day then I better live it to the fullest and complete as much as I can with what matters.

I realize this may sound like preaching , but it isn’t , its a reminder for me of what is important. What matters most are all the people around me. We don’t have to agree with each other or like how each other do things, but we do have to get a long and find a common thread. Otherwise we end up miserable and defeated.

Wouldn’t you really want your last 24 hours to count for something? I do. I want to give it the best shot I can. I am not promised tomorrow , none of us are promised tomorrow.

I think we often find humor in saying ahh, there’s another piece to the puzzle when we are around those we love.  But here’s the thing there are lots of missing pieces all over the world and it is up to me and you, to find those pieces and put them back in the puzzle, so we can have a clear picture .

What we can give  What we can do. Sometimes,. its just a smile, hug, or a pat on the back telling someone them, they have done  a great job. Just the simple things alone, is all that matters.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 7 My 500 Words: A Letter to Myself

Dear Mike,

It has been over a year now you have finally moved into your own apartment, alone finally again.

Everything is finally on you and you alone. I feel it is finally time to remind you of some things.

While it has been a struggle at every turn, you have not been alone. Your prayers and other’s prayers for you have not gone unanswered. Some of the requests are absurd and others are in a just you wait pile, while still many more, have been more than you could have ever hoped for or dreamed of.

When you first moved away from St Louis you moved into a horrible spot. Yet people were there for you and helped you get your medicine, even people who did not know you. What a huge blessing that was.

Still others helped you when you had to spend your check on just trying to improve the current living conditions and the fact, it was past time to get into another new place. Thank goodness you had your friends’ family and local people helping you. Especially that one local friend who could tell you the truth.

People giving rides people helping in various ways helping you get apartment stuff.

Hey, remember when you were in the grocery store you started to cry and almost fainted when you were told you had the apartment and could get the keys that Friday evening? What an amazing moment.

Go ahead look around at the dishes you have and coffee pot. Look at the baking dishes and silverware you have. The very bed and bed frame you have, yes, they all came from friends. The fan and vacuum the table upon you use as a desk and one friend brought your original kitchen table down for you just last week. The bed sheets and blanket and pillow cases that make you feel so safe.

The food in the fridge often from friends. What amazing friends you have, that have helped you up.

Last year your Mom and her husband gave you a car and though it’s had its problems, it has been a real blessing. You just must man up and roll with the punches. You’re learning to take care of things once again. But you can still do better and stand on your own two feet.

Sometimes you go on these emotional roller coasters and you have the power to stop them. Remember to go back; be thankful and encourage others, help yourself, show the very people who have helped you, that their gifts of help have not been in vain. Remember to pay it forward to others with each success you have.

Negativity will not help you and will only drive others away. Be sure to be positive to grow in maturity and your strength will be when you find the goodness in the things you do and who you become . The goodness will be found you seek that in others too.

You will do great!

Thanks for reading!

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Day 6 Someone’s Story: Paul “That’s Just How I Roll”

Paul started out at 10 years old a legend in his own mind even back then.  All of the neighborhood kids wanted to be his friend.  There was no challenge too great. He started out in the little league for baseball and picked in fall for football as the years wore on.

He always had a girl by the time highschool came around.  He was an all time jock and liked by all with straight A’s in every subject. Paul never was the type to smoke a cigarette his great physique and love for sports kept him away from most bad things like that.

Home Coming Weekend would soon be around and he was the all star football player who kicked off a great game and the dance was awesome. It was a soon to be dramatic turn in Paul’s life. Though he never smoked a cigarette he still partied with the guys n gals on the weekends after a great game. So Home Coming night was no different except it was special.

The party that night in the towns old familiar abandoned farm house just out on the edge of town.This is the party where everyone who was anyone, attended. The party was off without a hitch 10 couples at least and a mixture of single young men and young ladies all met there.

There was food and alcohol and many more party favors besides.

It was turning point for many where young boy became a man at least in these young peoples eyes, so it seemed. But there were many games to be played that night and so many challenges no one ever knew it would become such a near death experience for at least one in particular.

After several party games they all hopped in their cars headed out to a famous lake out of the town and in the valley of what would soon be despair.

Paul was driving and taking the lead to get to the lake. The alcohol had him impaired for such a skill as driving. He was soon headed into oncoming traffic there on highway 5.  Such a fateful night it would become and such a senseless time for all involved.

He hit head on with a family of 6 the driver did not make it and others were injured. Paul had somehow survived as did his date . Everyone shook their heads at such a mess. What a senseless act. How horrible it was especially for the family of 6.

Paul’s parents were in the waiting room waiting to see and hear the results from the doctor who had to keep his anger in check; for he also had to declare the driver of the family of 6 dead.

Football ended in the wee hours of the morning for Paul. His parents were dismayed but grateful their son’s life was spared. Oh how horrible it would be, the sport he loved was taken away all from one night’s poor choice made.

He will now spend the rest of his days confined to a wheelchair. But you can still see him today, holding his football and saying that’s just how I roll.

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Day 5 Cleanliness,is it really Next to Godliness?

Good Morning Everyone,

I know many may scoff and ask; “Doesn’t everyone know how to clean?” No, no they don’t. But I am here to help others with that. The great thing about it is, no one has to be the wiser.

The things you will need:

  1. Gloves
  2. Dish Soap
  3. Trash Liners
  4. Trash Can
  5. Vacuum
  6. Toilet Cleaning Solution
  7. Laundry Basket
  8. Cleaning rags would be helpful
  9. Laundry Detergent
  10. Glass Cleaner
  11. Paper towels
  12. Sponges  not the ones from dollar store that shed as soon as they immersed in water either but you don’t have to buy the $5 single sponge either.
  13. Broom and Dust Pan
  14. Mop and Mop Bucket
  15. A general cleaning solution Mr Clean or Substitute
  16. Dryer sheets
  17. Furniture Polish and and Dust  Rag
  18. Scrubby Bubbles

The first thing I do is don a pair of disposable gloves,  grab all the laundry out of each room, as it applies and throw it in basket . The next thing I do is go and grab all the dishes and take them to the sink and counter. The laundry basket and trash can should be in the middle of the hall between all the connecting rooms.

On the way back to the room go ahead and stop at the bathroom throw some cleaning solution into the toilet and let it sit and soak. Grab your mop bucket and a sponge and fill mop bucket up with your hot cleaning water. Now, you can spray scrubby bubbles in the sink on the sink around the toilet  and walls of shower and tub. Please don’t forget to get the outside of tub as well. Empty the bathroom trash and grab all the towels and wash clothes and put them in laundry basket.

Go back to the original room and grab all the trash and throw it in the main trash in the hall. Strip the bed and put in laundry basket.Discard gloves and put on new gloves and grab your cleaning bucket with sponge and go around all the baseboards and window sills.  The next thing you will do is dust using your furniture polish spraying your dust  rag and going over all furniture. The next is to sweep and mop and clean the windows in that room.  The next is vacuuming make sure you do the ceiling and corners too. The last thing you will do is replace the liner in can for that room.

You repeat process for each room until you are down to dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

What I would do is go ahead and tackle the dishes and check the coffee maker for that used coffee filter that didn’t get thrown away and check the microwave as well for old food or whatever could be hiding in there. Wash dishes, dry dishes, and put away dishes.

Don’t forget to clean the coffee pot and check the oven too.

While you still have the main trash go ahead go through the fridge and freezer  and see if anything needs throw out.

Now go back and clean the microwave and wash that microwave plate, also make sure microwave is dry and replace the plate after have dried it. Make sure you wash all the counters and have opened top of stove to clean under it as it applies. Make sure you have cleaned kitchen table too!

Go ahead and use oven cleaner and spray it in oven and broiler .  Take all the knobs off of face of stove and oven as it applies according to where you have to heat oven or not. I use a room temp oven spray. and let it soak for 2 hrs. Let’s go ahead wipe down cabinets with our rag for the wood furniture.

Change the water on the bucket.

You’re not done in the kitchen you still have to clean the inside of fridge and outside and on top. Get the all the clutter held up by magnets on your fridge off of there and only rehang relevant things. The next thing is to again wash the base board, sweep and mop, and don’t forget the corners.

Now we return to the bathroom with a new set of gloves and start cleaning the sink toilet, shower, and tub. Don’t forget the shower liner and shower curtain. Make sure you clean the mirror with glass cleaner and go around all your baseboards and don’t forget the corners and ceiling, (please go back and also get the kitchen ceiling).

Sweep and mop or vacuum however it applies. Please I cannot say enough about cabinets and door handles to make sure they get clean so you’re not spreading germs everywhere.

You’re far enough now, to do the baseboards in hall way and ceiling and get those corners please! Remember we need to go back and do the kitchen ceiling oh and when it dries go back reline bathroom trash can. Don’t forget the windows and window sills too!

Let’s dust the dining room table and chairs  and go ahead and get the ceiling as well as base boards and corners. Sweep and mop or vacuum or both as it applies .

Now we are going to go in living room and vac all the furniture and the floor.  Make sure the ceiling gets done and base board s and corners. The windows and window sills. Dust all the furniture and throw any blankets to be washed in your basket.

Sweep and mop and don’t forget to clean front and back door and door to garage if it applies. Clean your storm doors with scrubby bubbles and clean the glass with window cleaner.

Go ahead and switch gloves go back to your oven and stove replace the knobs  and clean your oven and broiler  and make sure you get your racks clean and rinsed out good all of it  throw out your cleaning bucket water and rinse your mop out good.

Switch gloves, do your laundry take out the trash, replace liners, make your beds, and don’t yack back!

Thanks for reading!

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Day 4 Free Form Writing Exercise

Waking up really late has me a bit nervous and on edge about the day ahead.

I realized yesterday as we recapped on yesterday and the day before I forgot to recap on the fact we need to find humor in our  lives everyday, Things became less humorous yesterday as that fact was forgotten. I became irritable and things got the better of my mood.

I really love the fact as I have pressed on into doing this 31 day challenge it seems more and more people are trickling in and a couple of notes here and there.  I have been like yo, sweet! While I may not do everything perfect and it will drive me crazy to not edit I believe each day’s challenge brings forth a new experience for me.

One of the great things about challenges like this is the experience to take an interest in others a long the way.  My grandma has always said you get more out of life by taking an interest in others and at the same time make you, yourself more interesting too.  I do love finding out about others and what it is in them that makes want to write as well.

When you find out what makes others want to write I think it opens more doors to you being able to write more and experience life in a more deep and  meaningful way.  For me personally, getting to see the world through others sight by reading their words, makes me fall in love with writing; after all isn’t that what free speech can all be about as well?

I know before I die and my life has left its mark, I really hope one day my writing makes a difference and will possibly even open others’s eyes to their hopes and dreams.

I really have no clue where all this will lead to or where or how it will end . I just keep hoping on a good note everything will rest. I have had much love in this world and spewed as much hate as anyone else. I am through with the drama and just want to live out my words.

Words create what you want and i remember so many times as child hearing to choose my words carefully.  Each day is a choice by the words you live out. I want to be able to say in the end I have embraced each word and considered it carefully. But I also love the adrenalin writing can give when it is a part of who you are and how you live.

I just keep on going each day with its rewards ,mistakes,  and many misgivings, in the way life is played out. To write for me is my way of stepping to the plate and giving myself a voice. I will speak  up  for myself and you cannot squelch me  and you cannot put me in a corner and force me to be quiet.

I cannot be still and say nothing. I will always have something to say right or wrong. It’s not your choice no matter what you do it gives you no right to try and silence me. I will not be quiet! no matter what!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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Good Morning World!

Good Morning Everyone!

My personal best times for writing is the wee hours of the morning or very early so that there are no big distractions, such as hearing the neighbors, someone knocking on the door, or the phone ringing.

So from here on out, so that I can continue in progressing on my 500 word challenge, it will be to wake up early. I mentioned yesterday in my goals, it was important for me to be consistent. That means really sticking to a schedule so that I can meet my goals through my plan and use all of the tools and prompts given to me in this exercise.

Not only do you get to read my blog and follow it, but you too can check out the My 500 Word Challenge by Jeff Goins.  This is only one of the ways I am trying live out   I really want to give everything a solid try. I have started reading a new book and I will be following along with others in a group which I am looking forward to as well.

Nothing in my life will change if I just sit back and do nothing so my experience from my history and present tell me if i open my mind to new ideas I will get a result of change somewhere along the road. Even the good changes are scary. One of the things that is hard for me, is others have this expectation how its supposed to change you and guess what? It doesn’t usually come out the way they expect. But I too, have placed expectations on others and my hopes were dashed as well.

Expectations are good, maybe as long as we dont put them on others or think that we can’t live unless this expectation comes through. Because that is just plain sabotage.  You have either shot yourself or another person down before we even out the  gate, if we say, it must happen in this way or it’s not acceptable.

There are going to be times where we just have to roll with the flow and do the best we can, with what we got. We won’t be doing our best laid plans 100%  perfect all the time. That is not possible. What is possible because of our best laid plan is we can we achieve our goals. There could be those times when we won’t also, but what we have to stay on focus with is staying positive and acting and doing as if we will.

So just to recap for the past couple of days:

  • We have  goals
  • We define what the goals will give us
  • We make a plan and outline how to achieve our goals
  • We remain consistent
  • We wake up early

So the waking up early its not new to me. But it will be a challenge to be in bed on time so I can wake up early; instead of staying up all night and then just do what I have to do, so I can sleep the day away.  That’s no way to live either and definitely not healthy for me.

Thanks for reading!

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Thoughts on My Goals and Outline

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is a really late start in getting 500 Word Challenge entered into my blog here. Sometimes the best advice you have is really for yourself and if it helps someone else, then you have a double winner. Today is such a day, for that kind of thing.

I could sit here and write 500 words and basically whine why it’s so late and accomplish almost nothing but 500 words. That will help no one,  including me.

To be clear, I want to finish this 500 word challenge and use all the help and tools given in order meet that goal. I know from experience you must have a main goal and decide what it is you want from this goal as well as make a plan in order to succeed. Yes, this is obvious to most people but I also know it means having a regular schedule in order  to be successful.

My first goal is to complete the 500 word challenge so I can be a better writer. I want to be consistent with my blog and hopefully find my exact niche while doing so. As a writer I hope to draw a larger audience. But this is really a secondary thing because I really want better writing skills. If you draw a  large audience and have no skill then you have drawn a whole crowd and risk losing them forever.

The biggest thing to me about having a blog and writing is never to be fake but using your audience as a dumping ground will only chase them away.

Goals :

  1. Complete the 500 word Challenge
  2. Continue and be consistent with my blog
  3. Be a better writer
  4. Draw a larger audience

What is the plan? :

  • Make a schedule  and follow it
  • Come up with a theme
  • Use the tools and prompts given to the best of my ability
  • Just do it ! 500 Words a day and no excuses!
  • See the positivity, encourage others and take interest in their ability
  • Find the humor in life each day and don’t forget to give a smile and laugh at myself

It doesn’t take much to encourage another. Life is so serious sometimes you just have to find a way to laugh at yourself  and it lets people comfortable and laugh with you. This also helps you not feel sorry for yourself and to stop making excuses why you can’t finish something.

I am finding here in 2018 my life is taking turns and I am coming up with ways to change myself everyday.  People that have been in my life are still adding to my life and we are exchanging life moment changes. No matter what, it’s all about change.

When we make changes it’s a way of opening our mind to new ideas and to some its saying I trust you and I will trust this process as we  move forward. That doesn’t mean changes are easy it just makes them possible.

May we not close ourselves off from new possibilities.

Thank you for reading!

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31 Day Challenge Accepted

Hi Everyone, I am so grateful several already read my blog and several follow it. Of course always I enjoy comments and responding to them. Thank you my friends and fellow bloggers for reading, following, and even giving support and affirming me and my thoughts.

Surprises happen all the time or so it seems. The first was to get a call and text from a friend who is coming to visit which makes me really happy as I have not been able to visit with him for some time, almost a year and a half or longer. This will be a really special time as it happens today.

The second surprise is just a few days ago I said I would not write a blog entry everyday. Then just today this challenge falls in my lap for a 31 day challenger and all though it has already started, I plan to complete it. I have enough in me to complete this challenge.

I have decided even if I end up offline for  a couple of weeks, I can do this challenge and post them all when I get back online. I love writing and I love describing the life before me and my choices.

I know from my friends and their point of view I have what it takes to complete a challenge. I remember back some years ago now, I was not sure I had what it  took to even get my GED, but I did get that GED. I even did 1 semester of community college.

I hope to one day obtain my associates and bachelors degree. I really feel at the time I did community college it may have been more than I could handle at that time and certainly is right now. But I know it all starts with small challenges and working up to the bigger challenges.

Some days it feels as if my whole world changes in an instant, but most of the time it is predictable what will happen.

Most of my weeks always include me going to the wound center twice a week, which I haven’t shared much in this particular blog , if at all. But I go to the wound center. I have wounds on feet and ankles  and they are healing good which means soon I may not have to have to go to the Wound Center.

The other thing that is a lot of my world is having a chore helper come in 3 times for 3:45 hours/minutes

The 3rd thing that takes up my time is posting ads for 5 gallon buckets and arranging for people to come and meet to pick up 5 gallon buckets or to drop off buckets in the big city of St Louis. But I don’t actually drop them off I just pass info along to a local friend who works in st louis and he drops them off on his way home.

All of these things take up a great deal of my time and I will probably always be looking to find way to do these things better and including my blog entries.

Today I heard something on an old sitcom I used to watch all the time in the evenings: “You roll up all the good and the bad, throw it in the oven and it all comes out cupcakes!”  Life can come out this way sometimes. Other times it can come out just a hard brick. The trick is we find the cupcakes and don’t  throw the brick just lay it aside as a door stop for the good to come in.

Thanks for reading!

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