God Gives Me This Sacred Time

Each week I come to this time, to finally just rest. The craziness and hectic schedule of the week, finally comes to a stop. I take this time to unplug from having to buy and or sell. The chores finally take a rest. I use what food I have that’s left to make easy meals.

My writing is spiritual. I can give my God thanks and praise Him, for getting me through another week. I get to refuel.

This afternoon as I finished my days work, I was making one last call. What happened next was I fell asleep in my office chair it was 3:30 or 4:00 pm then. The next thing I knew, it was at least four hours later. To me this was like God just allowing me a nap from the hard days work.

Apparently, I had no need to prepare anything in advance for this sacred time. When I finally woke up from my nap I looked outside and saw it was raining. Though I am sure its cold outside, it just assures me of no need to go outside to do anything.

Any of the worries work related can just roll off my back. I get to focus on this sacred time. I get to acknowledge My Creator, The Creator of this World, has provided for all my needs. I just need my time with Him.

Its time to meditate on the good and positive things of this week. To realize I am not the Center of the Universe. I get to let go of anything unpleasant and ask God for wisdom. It is still tempting to worry about things. However , this is my chance to let God truly have all of me. I get to be fully present, in His Presence.

In His Presence, is where I can truly change and hold on to everything good. I bring to Him every prayer request. I can submit to him every part of my human brokenness and know He will hear me. It’s in Him I can have my being. It’s in Him I can experience peace It’s in Him I can truly accept His Grace and Mercy.

I truly believe He never intended for this world to become the rat race it has become.

It has taken me a long time, to truly honor the Sabbath He has given to me. When I am running at full throttle level through out the week, it takes so much out of me.

I get sick from not taking breaks and not taking rest, when it is needed. It is so important I take this time to recharge. I have jokingly said it’s for other people. Really, it’s for me I need this to be able to perform better. I need the rest that I may learn more.

I need this rest so that I can give more and pour my all into whatever I am doing so that I might be able to honor Him more,rightly. Thank You God for the Sabbath.

Thanks for reading!



The Positives and the Negatives of Social Media

I know we like to think we have come so far in our technology especially, with social media.

One of the great things it has afforded us, is friends and loved ones even across the oceans and seas. We are very fortunate for this fact, that we are not just sitting on opposite sides of the world, just wondering how others might be doing. We get to check in and share all kinds of things, from humor to world views, funny cartoons, or sayings. I even get to this blog post for the world to see.

We can plan events and share about the sad events or more joyous occasions. We can send pictures and remind each other we are not alone.

In my own case it has helped parts of my family and I to remain in contact with each other. Albeit as much as each other feels comfortable doing.

I have stayed in contact with a bunch of school friends and rediscovered people even from grade school. We have planned high school reunions and get togethers.

Friends from church, have even planned events and services online. These are all positively wonderful and have only added to strength to the relationships and friendships of many.

Its possible to even get work done during socializing. However, I would suggest getting the work done first. This way you don’t get side tracked and do messy and incomplete, or incompetent work.

Originally doing everything by computers and technology, we were supposed to have more real family time, face to face.

Unfortunately, we have many that live on social media, while rarely experiencing a moment in the real world, with a fresh breath of air.

We have traded our real lives for short lived lives and a mentality of still if I don’t agree with you I will just take my ball and go home. To add the childishness to not be friends any more. What a sad and pathetic way to live!

Technology sure has made it easier for more people to jump on a band wagon at once and even bully a person. Yes, now our free world even must have laws about bullying and harassing others online. We have everything from bullying, racism, and anti-socialists, just being trolls online.

Some have even used social media to scam, hurt others, and hack into people’s a

No matter what we come up with, it seems we must take everything to the extreme. We in general cannot seem to do much in moderation and that is what is sad. We have choices today. We don’t have to take everyone’s bait.

One of the best things I ever heard is: “Sometimes, the best response is no response.”

In closing I must be real in the fact it is very hard for me to ignore many things that happen in social media. However, I am learning to use almost everything that happens now, as an opportunity to just keep on writing.

This is what is good and healthy for me.

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5 Daily Things That Successful People Do

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

What are you going to do different? This is a question ask myself when I am about to make changes, or if I find myself stuck and need to complete a goal or task.

I think we all want the most maximum results, with the smallest amount of strain in accomplishment. If we plan ahead, this can help us work smarter not harder.


Five Things Successful People Do Before 8 A.M.

  1. Exercise – even if it’s for 7 minutes
  2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast – grabbing a snack cake is not going to cut it
  3. Meditation and Prayer
  4. Map Out Your Day
  5. Tackle the hardest tasks first

It’s not always easy making a change. That does not make it impossible to do, it’s a challenge which can be worked through. Success comes from keeping on getting up.  Apparently if you read this far, you too have come to the same realization; it’s time to do something different.

I believe this is the way to make a new beginning, if this is not how your day starts presently.

Exercise Helps you wake the body up fully and gets the blood flowing so every part of you can be present in your daily activities. Have you had those days where you feel brain-dead,  because you cannot think clearly or forgot something?

Yes, it’s because not all of you is awake yet. Not everything, is functioning as it should be. I need what ever exercise I can handle. Whether it be a full work out, or sitting in a chair and doing some bends, or range of motion.

Always check with your doctor first to see what exercises he recommends. Also checking out your diet plan would not be a bad idea and even doing a diet plan with a Nutritionist can be very beneficial.

This brings us to eating a healthy breakfast, going light on carbs if at all possible. For me personally I have to do a heavy protein diet. I admit I am not always good at following my own advice. That’s why it is so important, for me to seek help and take some advice from others.

The other side of that coin is, you have to do what works for you. If you do heavy carbs watch out for the crash and burn thing around 10 am, if I have done too many carbs.

The meditation and prayer are so important. The reason being, is because I need to realize I cannot do this day alone and I do need help, whether  or not I choose to admit that. No one is successful solely on their own. There are always those who people who help us, and plenty who have paved our way.

Remember to grateful for all the people who cross our path, if nothing else they are teachers to us in some way.

Mapping out your day is a smart way from listing tasks, appointments, phone calls, and scheduling time to send and answer emails. Do make your list starting with top priority and the hardest things first, to the smallest things.

Everything listed before is so important, to making sure we are physically and mentally alert, so we can accomplish the tasks at hand. Starting with the hardest tasks first so the rest of the day will hopefully roll smoothly.

But be prepared, usually there’s a bump in the road. If we have taken proper care of ourselves and planned ahead we will be less likely to have our own melt down.

It can be tempting to give up. Trust me, this is just 24 hours you have to deal with. Yesterday is done and over with. Just for today, forge ahead and share your success!

Thanks for reading!


Maybe an Angel or Just Good People

Hi Everyone,

It’s great to see I have new readers and likes and wow like almost 45 followers a far cry from the beginning of 2018. I just want to welcome you and thank you, my followers and readers both!

I want to share my experience of going to my local grocery store, which also has a gas station. I think a lot of people understand the concept of having good people around. When we least expect it they do a random act of kindness.

I had such a thing happen to me at the store yesterday, after paying for my groceries and gas. I had made it outside, put my groceries in the car and started pumping my gas into the car. A man comes outside all smiley and said, “Sir finish pumping your gas and hang it up and restart it. I gave the clerk some  more money for you to pump more gas into your car.” Thank you I said,  with huge smile and the man drove away.

I shared this yesterday because I was really excited and the guy just made my day. I was thinking about a verse in the Bible, that talks about we never know when we may be entertaining angels.  Then I wonder if maybe the himself was an angel. We just never know, except he did something really nice.

I also think about how much it is my turn and he could have helped anyone, but he helped me.  How awesome! I even went back in and shared with the clerk, how nice the man was and she agreed.

The next thought after I shared it with my friends was that I wanted to post about this today. I want it to be understood that man could have done nothing, and he would still be a good person. I just think we seem to put people in yes or no categories, without knowing all the facts.

The other thought I had in my own head was, “your time is coming when it will be your time to bless someone and don’t let it pass.”

When it comes to living out blessing others , we can’t just let these random acts of kindness die, when they happen to us. We have to keep the giving going. I don’t think it means always going beyond your means to do so.  Just do something that will bless another or point the way, if nothing else.

It adds value to human life when you help others. I have found I am much happier when I can help someone else. It will make us more interesting to others and get our heads out of the sand to be grateful for what we have , instead of wishing for more.

We never know if we are entertaining angels. May I never forget all of the people who have helped me. Our journey can be long and tedious. Some days it can be hard to smile. But if we find a way to help even in some small way, a smile will surely grow between two people.

Thanks for reading!

Making the Most of My Time

I have lived, acted, danced, and drifted along in this world for over 50 years.

How I wish I could get back some of those years and really gotten a hold, of the younger me. My head was always up above the trees in the clouds. That’s where I was most free. But there was so much on this earth I did not see.

The old man mirror I do not recognize. He really wants to believe for all of the good things. In some ways it seems too late. He got tired of being knocked down. He got tired of having to get back up. Just to hear I am wrong again.

To hear judgements from what people call, society and the church of all places. Yes I am sure I judge too. Do you not see or hear? I am tired. I pull myself back up one more time. Its a hard hill to climb. Everyone’s out to judge and yes they are judging.

Don’t believe the lie, “no judgement here.” That’s not true. It starts the day we are born in to this world. believe when I say though, no one has it all together. So many lies and deceptions. So many cover-ups. So much manipulating. You eve start believing your own lies after a while.

We compare ourselves to others, because that’s what we are taught. Life starts closing in after a while we want to question things, but soon learn the plastic smile is more important. Let’s keep up appearances, people.

The churches can’t even hold up to their own standards. I believe one day everything will come unravelled. On the other hand, we do the best we can with what we have. But even that, is not always the case. Not really.

The questions come piling ing in on us. Will we lose enough weight to fit into a casket? Will I have been successful at all, by the time I die and leave this world behind? Are we sure we wont feel it, if we turned to ashes instead of burial?

Did we love anyone, at all? Did we give up any of our fears, or just keep them hidden pretending? Did we do enough? Did we care enough? How many times have we gone back on our word?  What is left of us/ What is true? What is right, does anyone really know?

We give what we think are the right answers. We say we do things for the sake of The family. We say it’s all for the greater good. Is it really? We force our so-called values down each others throats.

I don’t know how to get past it all. I am not sure I can. I remember though, the screaming, the shouting, the words of hate and no, no one had a problem with alcohol. By the same token, so much happened before all this and I didn’t understand it myself, and I never would be able to heal it all.

I couldn’t tell you everything, because I didn’t know. I know it happened . It was an awful life, I once lived. Maybe it was the same for you. Maybe you couldn’t say, because you really didn’t know. I don’t know why it’s so hard, to truly give that grace.

There’s not much time left, to do this life for real. Maybe the Churches have the right answer. Applying it correctly, is another matter. Maybe, its time to give it all to God and give up, for one last time.

.The plastic smiles can be no more. There’s been hurt, hate, and war. We smile and say I love you . lets let it go, Time’s up! I gotta make the most of my time, left here.

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“A Stranger Has Some Priceless Pictures”

For someone meeting me the very first time, I am sure my life would seem very curious. I might even  seem mysterious. I think sometimes in fact I may have wanted to appear as such. It’s mainly because a lot of my first few years on this earth, were a mystery to me, and it still is in many ways.

From my own birth on, I have been given multiple choice options to choose from. Later it was having talks with biological relatives. You still have to try to discern truth from fiction. If you play this game with biological relatives, you might want to brush up on the game from my childhood, called “Operation.”

One wrong move, could cause the buzzer sound and game over.  Wondering once more, what did you do wrong? You probably just got too close to the truth! Also, keep in mind they have feelings and their own side of the story. If anything I have learned in life is there’s my story , their story, some bureaucratic stuff, then somewhere in there, is the truth.

But to make things even harder when you have gone through the school of hard knocks, and did everything you swore you’d never do. Your credibility is slightly tarnished , or a lot!

It’s just now, that I am older and finally getting settled. I have lost a lot  pictures along the way. Some pictures I never had, but others did. A lot of people don’t realize they have pictures of me, before I was 9 years old.

You may ask; how is this possible? The answer is through neighborhood pictures with friends and grade school shots from Kindergarten to 5th grade. I am going to start checking and seeing who may have pictures. If I can find people who can still find copies, so they can put on order for me.

Some say, a picture is worth a thousand words. To Me it would be priceless. It would point back to a time, to prove I existed and to see what was inside of my eyes at that time. I know there were points where I was carefree a good deal of the time.

My mom gave me a lot of the pictures of myself, in my later teens and I am just glad I copied them on to the internet. As I said earlier, I lost a good deal of pictures and memories while moving at different times.

For me personally, the pictures of me in my younger years, might reveal a lot to me what I was like before this world got to me. Maybe I would even be able to point to a time I knew something was wrong.

You see I grew up mainly in foster homes and group homes, before my mom and dad accepted me into their home. I won’t explain everything.

What I will say there was a lot wrong and I don’t know where it really started. I also know it is not fair to say because someone is a child that you will believe an adult over a child. It goes both ways in most results with trying to get at the truth. But the stigma that I grew up I always felt like I was fighting a town, a school, a church, and even the state office .

That’s neither here nor there, now. I just want to see me and be able to point to times. I know I had to be happy sometimes.

My early years had to be priceless.

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It Always Looks Greener on the Other Side

It’s  funny how life takes us through twists and turns on our journey. We are always certain that if things happened the way we wanted them to, it would be so much easier. I got this free lesson today, when I appeared as possibly someone coming from money to another person.

The people where I live, love my car and say it is pretty. It sure  looks fancy, in some ways and I am really grateful to have it. It needs a lot of love to pass the next inspection. In fact, right now it needs an oil change and a fuel pressure regulator.  It will also be ready for brakes and a wheel spend sensor.

But as someone pointed out how nice it was, I pointed out their treasure of a truck. They said yeah, a treasure for someone who has the money. I personally go for a Chevy truck any day. But I love my car. It was a gift and it’s not real fancy but it is to others.

What other people don’t know, are the sacrifices each other has to make. Nor do they know the friends who know a little something about cars, and make a frown when they see you coming with a car question, as they dig out their ramps, battery charger, and tools.

They don’t know about you having to take out a loan, just to fix a fuel pump. You feel like you have signed in blood, when you’re done and have made a deal with Satan.

The flip side is, I don’t know what it is to have someone have broken my window and striped open the ignition in an effort to try to steal my truck. I don’t know what kind of money it took this other person to get as far as she has come with her beloved truck.

One thing we both now know, is it takes money neither of us have. It’s not always greener on the other side. You just switch sacrifices and maybe, it comes out even but probably not.

Life is hard and we never know what each other are going through. It’s hard to not want to live above our means, because we do want a taste of what we think we deserve at least some of the time. Sur its easy to think each other has it made.

I might think this neighbor has it made because she has her kids who can help her. She has all kinds of friends it seems . I only have a few friends and only one here nearby who can make any kind of change when it comes to my car if he is able.

But now it just all makes me step back and say, you know maybe I am more rich than I realize. While I say I have only a few friends nearby. They are amazing. My one friend who I am closest to, he just makes me want to be the best person I can be.

The others they also add to me having renewed passion for life. They don’t know it but they do encourage me, even in my absence from them.

So yes, maybe we are all rich after all!

Thanks for reading!

6 Advantages of Using Evernote

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share with you the 6 advantages of using Evernote. It cuts down costs quite considerably, when it comes to buying notebooks and journals. Now of course there are some of us, that also like to write with pen on to paper.

I have found you can do both. I hope you enjoy the facts, I have found to be true for myself.

  1. Its compatible with Mac or PC
  2. You can brain dump everything that’s on your mind
  3. Its great for when you have a single important notice or email to send out
  4. You can do stacks of note books and have a different subject
  5. You can organize your blog post drafts
  6. Its great for implementing a daytimer and organizing time with daily tasks

I found the idea of evernote in a group and I have to say at first I wasn’t so sure. I did forget to mention they have a free version. That is what I am using for now to keep costs low.

I have a feeling I will be upgrading when I feel I can afford more, because it is a great tool to use. Whether you’re organizing your home, small business, blogging, or writing books.

I often make a section just for brain dumping . Here, I write all the things on my mind. This is all the things that have to be done today, the mood I presently have. What is frustrating me, what is difficult , and what makes me happy.

I can use another section to draft a letter or email to someone.

Often, I find just doing the brain dumps often give me great ideas for blog posts. While I say often, it has only been a week or two since I have started using it. In that time, it saved me money and time.

If you’re like me, living on a shoestring budget, and not sure when the shoestring is going to break, this is a great option.

You can also make a place for appointments, to remind you that you need to have papers and cards ready.

Say you’re writing a book , so you you name the title like test copy

then give each chapter a title you have already organized your book and can work on each chapter at a time. You can also make other headings such as notes where you want to find book covers and design .

It’s also great for saving web pages. One of the best things about it, in case you forgot to book mark a page.

Last, what I will say is, Evernote keeps me motivated. I can always keep my goals in mind and remind myself,  of the positive things I have done each day. It just makes a huge difference than trying to sit down and make a list , real slow like.

I’d rather do a brain dump, organize everything from there, and hopefully not leave anything out.

The address is: https://evernote.com/   I urge you to try it out and see if it makes a difference for you.

Thanks for reading!

Paraphrased Thoughts From My Grandma and Others

The following are thoughts from my Grandma and other important people in my life, I have paraphrased.


  • Take an interest in others,it will make seem more interesting.
  • Please and thank you, are phrases that will never go out of style and they are recommended for playing well with others.
  • How can I be of help today? This question is a lot better, than guessing how you can help someone and frustrate them more.
  • Let others cut in line ahead of you, without your snarl. This could help gain you favor when you need it most.
  • Change is one step at a time.
  • It take something like, 24 consecutive days to create a habit. Make sure it’s a good one.
  • Ask God help each morning and thank him at night.
  • If you are having a hard time getting along with someone, think of one good thing about them and ask God to increase that quality.
  • Remember to say I love you, to yourself.
  • If life is giving you a rough go, list the things you’re grateful for, at least ten things and more if you’re able.
  • Letting go is hard, but sometimes its necessary to survive.
  • Love covers a multitude of sins and a hug can sometimes, fix everything that seems so wrong.
  • Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right.
  • Remember what you’ve been freely given and pass it on.
  • There is strength in numbers , widen your circle of friends.

There has been so much I have learned along the path of my journey. yet when things go awry as they often will seems they have gone out the window. So I have to make a list like this and remember the good stuff, the good people, the good life.

Sometimes its hard to think of anything good, when we have smashed our hand in the car door. When we have lost a job and don’t know how we will make it through the next month.

I wish sometimes someone could hold me and tell me everything’s going to be okay. When I least suspect, it seems God has been holding my hand the whole time . He has paved a way and helped me get through the obstacles.

My mom give me a smile or a hearty laugh at something I say or share. My brother will remind me of how special I am and how it would be awful if anything happened to me.

My closed mouth friend, reminds me of worse things I have been through, even when I argue.

When I attend the special tables for me and my special friends, they remind me I am not alone.

When someone needs something, maybe I can help or maybe all I can do is pray. Maybe I can give them the hug I also need. Maybe I can remind them they are not alone as well.

Maybe its sharing that cup of coffee with nothing much to say, just being there is enough. Maybe, its just listening while another talks and really being present. That’s the best gift you can give someone.

I’ve heard it said many times, when you’re with someone be there. That’s all I can do today.

Thanks for reading!

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Therapy

1. We have all gone through some type of separation.
2. At least 90% of human beings deal with addiction of some sort.
3. Narcissism is on the rise.
4. You Can’t put on the Plastic Smile Forever
5. Chaos is All Around Us
6. Those Secrets Will Tear Your Ivory Tower Down
7. Just for Once Find Out Who You Are
8. Family Can make or Break Us
9. Aren’t You Just a little Bit Mad or Resentful?
10. Are you afraid of Losing Everything?

I say we have all gone through some type of separation. For most of us this is true. We have at least separated from our parents and everything we have known to attend college or to make it big in some profession.

Have we really dealt with those feelings though? What about your relationship or marriage with your significant other? Is it crumbling and falling apart? Have you cheated? Have they cheated? How do you deal with each other?

We have a responsibility to ourselves and those we love to confront what’s really going on.

Addiction to substances and Alcoholism, seem to be an ever-present problem in our world today. Well even food, pornography, cutting, and more. There’s all kinds of reasons for, the actual act of addiction is only but a symptom. Until you get down to roots and causes, you won’t be able to work through it and it will destroy you. I know this by experience.

Narcissism is on the rise. The fact is we all probably have a touch of narcissism. We think the rules for everyone else don’t apply to us. We think because we are having tough day, we should be given a break. Maybe we are just better than everyone else.

Maybe we need a reality check.

You can put on a plastic smile for your friends and family and even strangers. But sooner or later, we all must cry.

Chaos is all around us and it seems as if the world is getting crazier and doesn’t it just make you feel a bit crazy yourself? The Good news is you probably are not crazy. The best news is through therapy you can break down each part and find out why you feel crazy.

The secrets we are determined to take to our grave will only tear us down. Don’t forget if you do have some success in this life, the dog sniffers will be around. Wouldn’t you rather deal with it now instead of later?

If you are in therapy, it might be a great idea to make that list of things you have not discussed and start discussing them. You don’t want your life to implode right in the middle of what could be the best day ever!

Sometimes you cannot find out who you are until you have that 50 minutes away from friends and family. Then you can begin to build on who you really are and be happy. It gets a little bit tiring to be the one who is everything to everyone, except you.

We all have a little bit of anger and resentment toward something or someone who was and or is in our life. We must deal with it, before it eats us up inside.

When we depend on others for everything, we can lose it all in a second. Maybe, its time to figure out how to go forward and provide some things for yourself.

These 10 reasons, I am sure are barely scraping the surface of why we should all try therapy at least once, for 6 weeks. After all, without some sort of commitment to something, nothing will work.

Here’s to making a happier you.

Thanks for reading!