My Changing World

I have lived in the area for about three months now. It’s been life altering moving back to a small town. It is extremely challenging without a vehicle. But it can be

My world changed a lot when I got here.  During my formative years I lived in a town not far from here where the picture is from above.

The pace is slower which I do like in most cases but again very challenging without a vehicle. I am still settling in my first apartment in years. I could not even have reached this far without the encouragement of family and friends.

I’ve experienced all kinds of emotions and been through a hard time. Even good changes bring about stress and when you aren’t that convenient for people to help you as you were more so before, you have to find some hope and faith.

Its not that easy when you feel alone but as someone told me, “You will get through this , it won’t always be like this.” The more stressed and unfocused you are, the more mistakes you will make. So sometimes all you can do is find your imaginary rope, tie a knot and hang on even if it looks like you’re doing it wrong.

I had got to my wits end and found myself screaming many a time. Crying out to God to help me. I am still most days just trying to pick up my boot straps and carry on.

For a while I did have a truck to use it was both a blessing and a curse. It was a stuck shift and it wouldn’t have been a hassle except, that my feet and legs are not well. I have a few ailments. I still face them but life is getting better. Its when you don’t have a safety blanket you find yourself facing reality!

I want to tell you though many have stayed by my side even across the miles but very few have seen what I truly endured in first getting here.

Asking for help is a new concept for me. I mean when you really need help.

You find out how strong you are and what are your greatest weaknesses.

Its not always joyful. But there is joy to be found . I personally believe the joy comes when you can find the gratitude and thanksgiving even in the midst of life’s trials.

Sometimes the only way to unlocking a spiritual door is being thankful for what you do have.

Its been my joy to share with you a little glimpse of my world. I hope to share more as this is definitely a time to remember and reflect in gratitude.

Thanks for reading!





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