Gratitude And Blessings


Placeholder ImageA long time back when first attempting to change my life, people used to tell me; “Don’t give up before the miracle happens.”

I’ve always been a deep thinker or at least I believed myself as such. I have also been strong willed and stubborn! I never knew how much people wanted to help and it is hard to help someone who will not change their way of thinking and doing things. I have always wanted to be in control and still get what I want.

Let me tell you, it never works both ways.At some point there’s the relationship that builds on trust. At least that is what I have found in this journey called life. Trust is not a strong suit for most because of us wanting to be in control.

I am finding I still fight wanting to be in control. I used to think of myself as meek and mild, easy-going, and laid back. I now know I am not that person. It has taken 50 years to uncover that lie, to see what exactly is underneath.

I think its only a beginning of me seeing what is underneath but it is enough for a beginning. You see, I have cried out to God for months for direction, protection, and to supply my needs.

Well I did know the very first thing is to be grateful for what you have. If you can’t find gratitude for something you’ll never get farther than you are right now,except maybe by faith and letting go. This though points us right back to the trust issue.

While manners go a long way in remembering to say please and thank you, it’s about the attitude and that has had to change in me and other people I know. This may be an area where you find even just 1 and if you’re blessed to have a few closed mouth friends that is even better! But someone, who can help you look in the mirror and say: “This has to change.”

Timing and responsibility are everything. Let me just say I by no means have this down nor have I achieved this fully. We are all a work in progress. While works are good they aren’t enough, at least for me. I can never be good enough. I have to believe it is through trust and relationship. Timing and responsibility means being patient.

Trust means letting go of my ideas and control and it takes work! There is gratitude to be found ya just gotta dig til you find it.

I found in gratitude Gods grace and other people’s love and generosity and when I find the love and grace I found peace. Last night I had said it’s in Gods timing. Because it feels like God just opened the flood gates and said, Here,just because I love you and you are Mine!

That  is Gods grace working through others and God meeting you right where you are. Not because of good behavior but His grace and love.

The warning I would give is sometimes it can just take the smallest thing to make you feel like you can’t catch a break. This warning is for me too because I have seen the patterns in my life. If we can just let go what a blessing!

May you be blessed today!







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