Just One Word


I am here to share once again – Just One Word.

Resolutions do not work well for me. I don’t know many who have made resolutions, that they  have worked well for. I actually printed out the word cloud above which I made, and hung it on my wall. I want to do my best to live out my word. But the great relief is that, I don’t have to be perfect at it.

I sometimes like to complicate things and way over analyze them;  but it gets better with time. Sometimes life is just what it is. But it never hurts to have a plan or outlined guide,if you will. That doesn’t mean everything will go accordingly by no means but maybe, just maybe things wont feel so aimless  and just drifting.

I have found this is more enjoyable to share with small groups of people. The interesting thing can be sometimes to listen, really listen to hear and see the differences in each other both when sharing the same beliefs or different ones.

For me as I chose my word, all I had to do was look at my current state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and knew I needed healing as my word. I don’t waste time explaining it to people who want to change my word , that’s not their job; either people support you or they don’t. You just keep moving , regardless!

Be prepared some will call you a hypocrite because you don’t live up to your beliefs or your goal of living out your word. The last time I checked, no one was perfect and most live as hypocrites if they are breathing in any oxygen. I like using the  12 – Step method with this and getting an idea of where I am.

Let me explain how I use twelve steps in my one word:

  1. I am powerless over my life- This wouldn’t be an issue if I wasn’t powerless.
  2. I am believing for a power Greater than myself God and a group of people to help.
  3. Making a decision to turn it over -I can’t do it alone.
  4. Taking inventory of how its going whats wrong.
  5. Sharing with one closed mouth friend and sometimes a few closed mouth friends.
  6. Finding the defects that could be making me stumble they have been put out into the open making me ready for God to take them.
  7. Actually asking God for help to remove those defects
  8. We started making a list of people we harmed along the way
  9. Making direct amends to such people except when to do so would injure them or  others.
  10. Continue reviewing and doing steps 1-9 and promptly admitting where and when I am wrong, sometimes its easier said than done.
  11. Seeking God through meditation and prayer to have a better connection with God asking Him for His will and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had this awakening in God that I would continue to press on and help others when ever however I can.

All we have is just one word, one life, our faith, and one day.

Be blessed, healthy, and happy.

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Happy New Year!


Its The Sacred Weekend… A Time of peace,rest reflecting, worship, prayer, and meditation.

Its really cold here as it is a lot of places right now and I love being home in my place. Pulling the blanket over me as I enjoy my  hot cocoa and the door is closed to all other chaos keeping all drama outside.

It’s a brand new year full of possibilities, hopes,  and dreams.

We have the choice to be happy but that doesn’t mean sad things don’t happen.

We have the choice to be positive that doesn’t mean negative things don’t happen.

Our homes can  be our sanctuary of refuge. However it can be very challenging to keep it this way.

I pray that I may see God’s meaning in my life. I pray that I may
gladly accept what God has to teach me.
Hazelden 24 Hours A Day Prayer

As I read the meditation I do realize its in silence God brings meaning to my heart.

Without God’s Meaning the words are empty and fruitless.

Many of us cry for prosperity, change, and peace. Many are feeling without hope.

As I enter this new year, I personally want healed in many areas of my life. My actions past and present would say that I deserve nothing. Thankfully its not based  on my behavior rather on a loving God who grants us peace beyond all comprehension and mercy and grace so that I may continue the journey of life.

This new year brings forth the chance to live out our changes. We don’t have to remain the same and we can be better and live better.

May you find the hope now for a better today!

Thanks For Reading!