The Sacred Weekend


     This weekend in my sacred time I am reflecting on friendships  and how they have played a part in my life. I have several friends from high-school days God saw fit to use to help me and bless me in many ways.  I never want to forget their loving kindness and hopefully in some way as I reflect and write thank yous to the ones I can, of my gratitude for them and the ways they have help me over some huge obstacles.

   There is also family that has been there to encourage and help even in words just to help me get through each day when the struggles were very hard.

    There is one who has stood by watched,cried, prayed, and begged me to let down my pride and admit I needed even more than just practical help.

   There have been newer friends even in the past 2 years who have just stood in the gap and helped, if even to just point the way to more help.  Also the ways towards helping myself get help.

    Finally and not least but there is God. Whom I’ve prob ably avoided in some cases because it has meant going through the same lessons over and over and never thanking enough.

  Because of God’s Grace and Goodness I have gotten stronger and more capable of doing things.  It all boils down to relationship. There are benefits in having relationships with people ad with God . With all there are lessons to go with each.

   Each relationship and friendship requires care and giving and remembering manners.    I am not one here to teach manners or tell anyone how to live I can only share my experience, strength, and hope.

  I can tell you, that if you hold each one as sacred and the time you spend together is treated as sacred you will have a lot less of, “I am sorry’s and a lot less I am wrong’s ,please forgive me. “

  This is my Sacred Time and my Sacred Weekend.

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The Sun Will Rise Again!

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Happy Thursday!

While feeling a little nostalgic I am reminded of the people around me now and the wonderful things I have to be grateful for today.

For me, I have had my life really turned upside down in the past 6 months. I have been shaken to the core and turned inside out. I still may have struggles but, God and the lovely people in my life have proven themselves over and over to me.

Only 3 months ago when I entered the wound clinic at a nearby hospital after years and year of battling with my feet and legs they were wondering if amputation was going to be the outcome of all I had been through.

I was in bad denial of how far I let things go and hurting myself by trying to do so much. Today I am happy to say we are not even needing skin graphs I am finally healing. It is a slow educational process and having to let go of some control that I have been holding onto for years.

I didn’t want to let onto people how bad things had gotten. Much to my surprise anyone near me pretty much knew things were really bad. It was hard to hold my head up to look anyone in the eye. Much has been said behind this laptop. The anger and hatred of my life were boiling over the top.

I had no more control. But the love of God and people were there to match it. God said He would never leave me nor forsake me. He said its not all done yet. I am not a patient person by nature. But I am getting way better than I have been in the past.

Friends  from the internet to family to high-school mates of over 30 years have been there and what a miracle they all are to me. To know they’ve all cared whether it was a smile to a greeting or helpful hand and many have given to help many times over and above  like angels of mercy.

The many people who have prayed and wished me well in changing in new ways and moving to a different town. Going from not knowing where I was going to live to my own apartment now for 4 months. Thinking I would never have a car again to the miracle of having one. Making new friends and cherishing the ones I already have.

People helping me find ways to help myself. God bringing in ways when there was no way. In my previous world no one gets approved for an apartment within a week and moves in by that same weekend. In my previous world when you’re stuck and out of gas , you walk or crawl til you find your way to where you’re going.

It has taken a lot of remembering,  a lot of hope and other peoples help, joy, prayers, and love to be where I am today.

My Grandma was right, the sun did rise again!

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