A Day With God and Nature

Today was purposely for me to get out and breathe fresh air and enjoy God’s Creation. It really helps when you want to get out of your own head. There’s so much stuff to see when we think about it and hey just because it may sound like something someone else may not want to do, doesn’t mean you cant grab the car keys and go off and do it.

As much as we need others we also need our individual time. I have always been a believer in that.

I saw the horse in main picture and said I have to get a shot of this as I was in between places and passing a lot of farms. I saw cows too, a bunch of em but no where safe to pull off to get a picture.

The first place I went was The Missouri Mines, just outside St Joe State Park

I drove through St Joe Park but didn’t get pictures I had to come back home real quick because the sun was affecting my stomach and medication I had taken.

I didn’t let it stop me all together I got right back out there and headed to The Missouri Conservation Area and Bismarck Lake I found an okay spot since I wasn’t camping over night

With all earnestness I was trying to meditate but loud campers were too close by; but it did help me get out of my own head and my car (Allie the Alero) she got pretty dusty too. No time to wash her, because really it only takes a few roads before she gets that way again.

In the very last picture is a great place to be with the trees, water, shade, sun, and clouds  are just right.

I am going to start doing trips close by like this regularly because they are so helpful.

Thanks for reading!



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