Committed To Staying

August 16th, 2016 Became a real change in living conditions and in 9 months I am becoming stable living in my own apartment alone, but content.

Many friends helped me get through the times of transition and one friend took my late-night calls of sheer terror and fright I was going through. I wanted to give up a lot. I am thankful for the support of family and friends.

By December 2016 I owned my own car again for the first time in years. This is due to a very kind and generous couple very close to me.
A few friends have helped financially and wow what a miracle and how I owe so much gratitude and multiple loans from a friend to help with deposit and many other things that popped up.

I am doing what I can do to stay afloat and learning to live with in my means and that can be challenging but it’s time to tighten up more and try some new avenues. I am not sure what they will be, but as one friend said, my focus should be on healing.

In fact, healing is my word for 2017. The word healing for me while it’s for my physical well-being; it encompasses so much more. Spiritual Healing, emotional healing, so much of this comes from the support and learning so much more about myself in special gatherings with special friends.

During the past 2 months, there’s been more challenges. But I quit panicking finally. Not everything is such an urgency as much as learning to cope with and handle things differently. I also had to learn other people’s emergencies were not my own emergencies. I can’t fix anyone else. Taking care of me is a full-time job all its own.

I cannot take care of tomorrows all I truly have is this 24 hours to work in and that can be challenging enough.

I am reminded of the hula-hoop we all have. Inside that hula-hoop is our 24 hours and everything that we are responsible to ourselves for. As long as I can stay inside that hula-hoop I can help and be support of others. But it doesn’t come from myself alone it is by allowing the Loving God as I understand Him and don’t always understand that makes that possible.

The longer I live, the more I learn. There is always more being revealed.

Thanks for Reading!


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