My Parents and God, I Choose You! Pt2

July 5th, 1978 my life would change forever. On this day my social worker came to remove me from the foster home I knew only as home. “Mommy don’t you love me anymore?” I asked this a few hours before the real event was to be. She was the only mommy I ever knew.

Her answer was, “I don’t know anymore.”  There were horrific things that happened to me in that home. The sheriff had been there, but they couldn’t do much with the lack of evidence. DNA I don’t think was even a possibility back then.

I was going to a new place and we had to get there in a hurry. The social worker said if it was after hours I would be placed in Juvenile Detention. We were like an hour and a half from the city. I was emotional and tearful the whole ride up there.

The city was a culture shock itself, me being from the rural area. Though as any child, I could be bribed with a cheeseburger from Jack in the Box.

My beloved bluffs were no where in sight. I could still talk to God and ask Him where He was. Maybe I was so bad, even He gave up on me. I cried many hours for 3 days.

The swings outside became my new place to talk to God and just cry. How was it that I ended up in what I felt like was jail and the real bad man get to be free? The worst to me was having to call these strange women mamas. They were not my mama.

I had a few them call me by a different name too, Willie. There’s more to this, but I didn’t even put it together back then.

About this same time a news story was playing live. I had no clue who the man was in relation to me. I won’t be revealing that either. Suffice it to say some of the people said he was related to me at that time. There’s still no proof yet.

They quickly turned off the tv. I learned at a young age, some answers you get by hearing people talk and pretending you’re writing or drawing pictures. They also got some of their answers this way.

There was a mama who left my report book out on purpose, when she discovered I had no clue who anyone was in my family.

My first hard word at 11 years old, was pronouncing Schizophrenic. They labeled my biological mother with this diagnosis. I didn’t know the reality of it until later in life.

I somewhat settled in and tried to adapt the best I could. I took it from this and many other instances, the reason why I thought I was easy-going and could adapt to anything. People have since corrected me and said I am not so easy-going.

After review of my life I agree and disagree both. Considering the hell, I went through they were damn lucky I wasn’t some freak of existence.

Though, I certainly felt like one and never understanding why I didn’t know who my own biological mother was. If she had visited me; why I didn’t I remember?

There is more to reveal and soon I will meet the lunch lady.

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My Parents and God, I Choose You!

As I look back over now 52 years of life, I can’t help but be grateful, despite the hell on earth I went through trying to grow up.

I lived a life maybe not so many will understand, except for later when I made some bad choices. I grew up partly in the foster child system.  My most formative years were in a small town which I have a love/hate for. There are many terrible memories in the small town.

I will never forget Pastor Gene, Margie, Cindy, and many others. First foremost from my school Mrs. Wiley, the woman who believed me when no one else would.

I would be removed from a foster home and placed into a short-term group home. Then I was finally placed in a long-term group home.

It is here, I really learned I had no family to speak of that I knew.

Later, I would meet my mom, the lunch lady at my last year in grade school. She would not be my mom right away there were some years in between.

I really need to back up and share more about that small town and God.

I met God early on in life and I had so many conversations, regardless of the thing they called being saved. I didn’t meet God face to face, but I met Him through the experience of life: childhood laughter, tears, healing, and some horrifying things a child should never face.

I was no angel that’s for sure. Rambunctious and rebellious are two words that come to mind. Still, I believe God chose me.

I had been to the bluffs, I considered life and death. Even at a young age I considered the consequences of both possibilities.

I was in bluffs where I was usually happiest. Not this day though. It was getting dark soon I knew I had to get home, that is if I wasn’t going to jump to my death from the bluffs, on to the new highway below.

Things were that grave. But no one knew, besides me and one other person what really was going on at home.

It was 1978, my life would never be the same one fateful day. The day no one believed a little boy of 11 years old. It was the day after my visit to my favorite place, the bluffs.

I first talked to my best friend in 5th grade. I asked what he knew as I told him details of what was going on at home. He didn’t know much, he just knew I better tell someone.

I knew if I went in the school and told someone my life would change forever and it did but not until July 5th,1978. The day my social worker came to get me and all my things. I learned what were not my things and eventually would accept I would never be going back to what I knew as home.

There would be more to this story before I ever met the lunch lady.

This will be continued. Thank for reading!


12 Great Benefits About Meditation and Prayer

I can’t say enough about meditation and prayer. They are valuable assets in recovery and in just everyday life.

For me the meditation is allowing God to speak to me through His Holy Scriptures and through his creation. I don’t always remember to do this when I seem to hit crisis mode.

Therefore, talking with others is so important so that I can remember to do the little things that can make such a huge difference. It’s especially when we feel that life is falling all around us, we need our greatest support.

It still comes down to me also being my greatest support and using the tools available to me to help myself.

Before we get to the 12 great benefits about meditation and prayer, I want to share a story.

I was 12 years old and we had gone to this go-cart track. I got in the go-cart and was going around and around the track. It came time to pull in and I couldn’t get the go-cart to stop.

I started panicking! One of the guys there finally rushed up got on the back and yelled in my ear to push on the brake! I was headed for a barbed wire fence and we would have been totally cut up, if I had not listened!

I shared that to share how easy it is to go through life feeling as if the accelerator is stuck as we go spiraling down. But we can stop in our tracks if we just listen. Being reminded of the tools we have is a great thing.

It can save your life.

The 12 Great Benefits About Meditation and Prayer:


  1. It has a calming effect Stress reducing
  2. Opens communication up between you and God
  3. It has been tested in the medical science field for helping the immune system.
  4. It improves concentration
  5. It increases self-awareness
  6. It gets your mind from just you, so that you can become compassionate towards others
  7. It can change all kinds of circumstances
  8. You can sleep healthier
  9. It’s great for weight loss in the fact you’re not so bound up by everything that happens that you remain in a knot inside
  10. It helps you find gratitude and seeing you’re just a small part of this world
  11. It can reduce inflammation because you are relaxed
  12. You feel happier and want others to experience that same happiness. It will make you a helper to others.


I do different scenarios for meditation and prayer, but I have to say my favorite is to go out in nature with a blank pad and pen. No phone. I do have it with me, but it is turned off completely. I always have it on silent if at home doing meditation and prayer.

Sometimes there will be a scripture speaking to my current life events. I will use that and ask God all kinds of questions and thank him for the gifts in my life.

At home, I have used both scented and unscented candles. Sometimes its my favorite “Christian Songs”, I will listen to the as my lead in for prayer and meditate upon the song and see where it fits in me.

I have even found a whole lot of secular songs speak volumes to me in the spiritual time with God.

The bottom line here is when I line my life up to God through meditation and prayer it makes a world of change. It is then, when everything starts falling into place.

Thanks for reading!

10 Great Things About Starting in Recovery

I am wanting to affirm anyone, willing to start in the process of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. If you are reading this far then this is for you!

Many times, when we start something new we want to find out the rules and what’s expected. In many cases if you are like I was you don’t want it to be too hard. You really prefer the easier, softer way.

The truth is you won’t get very far trying the easier, softer way.

However, I want to share with you the great benefits of your new-found recovery should you continue. Every day we get to make the choice to be in recovery, or not.

If you are like me you attend certain meetings, you work the steps and learn to live them, have a sponsor, pray and meditate. The bottom line you don’t drink, and you don’t drug. It’s not easy but it’s simple.


  1. You get to meet new people.
  2. You find out you’re not alone.
  3. You find people really care about you and love you.
  4. You get to find some dignity and self-worth again.
  5. You are set free finally because the truth comes out if you trust the process.
  6. You find you don’t have to be perfect.
  7. You can call people and do things socially.
  8. You find spirituality.
  9. You get a fresh start you don’t have to hang on to the same old baggage.
  10. You get to help someone else. This almost starts day 1 because you are helping keep someone else sober while they are helping you and guiding you.


The road to recovery is simple because, more than 100 people first paved that road for us.

The thing about recovery is it is what you make it. Some days I don’t do myself any favors and I must start my day over. But if I am living right and have right motives.

Hopefully, my day starts with asking God to direct my thinking and how I might be useful today. There have been days where I just try to roll out of bed, kick a chair on the way to my desk, and have my cup of coffee.

But I urge you, you want to do the prayer thing. It’s going to serve your day a lot better. When I realize I have just tried to start my day on my own, its time for a pause. Sometimes its three words “God Please help!”

When I am frustrated and angry I am human. I lose it, but I must get right back and say, “God save me from being angry help me!” It’s a process, you can’t expect to be perfect at it overnight.

I do fall apart sometimes and must retrace my steps still over 13 years later.

In the middle of the day, I must watch where I am going, what I am saying and ask God for the right words or actions. The answer usually comes and if it doesn’t, I call someone or ask anyone in recovery. I even text people.

I am not perfect at this myself, but I know the right things to do and if I don’t do them, I am putting myself in danger.

Recovery is what you make it. I don’t always say the right things or do the right things, but something grabs a hold of me and says, “you have to make this right.”

Sometimes it’s an apology or asking someone if we can start over. Sometimes it’s just making a simple amend.

There will be times you just have to hear someone out and throw out a gracious thank you for sharing. I am not always good at this part, but its gotten a lot better over the years.

Its progress not perfection. I can’t wait to meet some of you on our journey!

Thanks for reading!

Alcohol and Drugs are Not the problem

I feel like I need to share more of my drunkalogue and recovery. I want others to know there is real hope available.

Today, I know I am the problem! It used to be well, if I’d just stay off alcohol, pills, and not roll a joint I’d be okay.  I’ve grown a bit since that time and realize today, it’s all about my thinking and attitude. Basically, its my whole outlook on life.

It was easy to blame people, places, and things. I know I did change my people, places, and things. It was not enough! Surprise! I’d invariably end up drunk with more problems besides a hang over the next day.

Let me also say I liked to think I was your more sophisticated drunk. Any day my ship was going to come in. I just needed that one break. Why was everyone else having it so easy and I was having it rough? That’s the way I saw it.

I was sure no one understood me. My problems were more complex, and I needed more understanding. I was different, even unique. My thinking was exactly, “if you had my problems you’d drink too!”

One time I had a landlady come in my room, because I was puking on myself while passed out. I was choking on my own puke and couldn’t get it, if she had not come in I could’ve died that way.

I didn’t get that I had a problem. I thought it was people and the rules, laws of places and the things were my problems.

There were markings all along the way I had a problem and it was me.

Let me back up even further. I was 17-18 years old. My parents were out-of-town. They had arranged for one of my dad’s friends to pick me up from work late at night.

He was late, so I rode with some coworkers to the bowling alley (my high school friends would know which one). Well an hour or two later I am sitting at a table and probably 3 sheets to the wind.

I thought my dad’s friend was a buzz kill. He went to the manager said this person is underage and you served him. You realize you could be shut down. So, I was kicked out of there for life my first 86!

I know there was a talk all the way home and I went to bed and got up next day like nothing happened. But that was just a first sign.

I had many more along the way. You will get even more signs the longer you stay clean and sober, that there is more to the story.

Later in East Central Missouri, my parents had finally been called this was a long time I had been away from home. I was hospitalized and sure I could recover. Maybe my mom and dad and their church could help me after all. There were many services smoking a joint and drinking from a bottle of 5th right out in church parking lot.

But my parents and family came in to see me and this time I was doped up on meds from the hospital. Incomprehensible demoralization when you can’t put two words together and slurring them.

Thankfully the next morning sober my dad came to get me and we had a long ride back.

You have nothing to offer your mom and dad but excuses and I’m sorry. It stops being good enough after a while. There’s a problem and it isn’t them. It’s still me.

I made it to Florida at some point after this came back once went shopping with my mom stepped over to the nearest barroom just to prove I wasn’t a drunk. I sat a half a glass of draft down and walked out.

I was so elated I could sit a half a glass down, but it was waiting for me patiently.

I would again pick up many times. It was never the end. Even when I finally put the plug-in the jug, people would come along and help peel layers of my mask off.

Even after 13 years sober going on 14, today I see the problem is me and it will always be. It’s a process of a life time. You don’t just get well in one day. You don’t go into a treatment center and come out well. You get better one day at a time.

Your behavior may go backwards but you don’t pick up you call some one and you get real, so you don’t pick up.

Along the way you learn how to live differently. Nothing goes back to how it once was, because everyone’s on a new page now. Your real family, your real friends will call baloney (bs) on you.

The best part about being real is, you realize no one is here to beat you up. The only one who beats you up, is you.

The ways of staying sober is calling others who are sober, doing things with other sober people, meetings, listening to someone else’s story. Calling a sponsor every day. Doing the work and the prayers, gratitude lists, whatever it takes.

Everything outside me just pointed to the symptoms. I am the real problem.

Thanks for reading!


When I Was Told You’re Not Alone

Going back several years ago I remember being told, “You’re not alone.” The first time I heard those words I was in tears, because no one knew the pain I carried or caused. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

I think I would call home maybe once a year to make sure everything was okay at home. Sometimes I called and said nothing. I just wanted to make sure someone was still there. I’d start feeling good and make progress.

For some that may not know they have a problem with all kinds of things, but more specifically alcohol. I had put together 9 months and was having a great day. I decided to do lunch. I really was finally starting to feel free and doing the next right thing. But this day was odd.

I was having  fun taking extra time to be alone and then it happened. The insanity no one understands, unless you have been there. I ended up at a bar and that night. I was robbed of $1700, drunk, and the next morning realizing I lost everything. All because I wanted some extra time alone. Drinking hadn’t even been a thought.

I was embarrassed and afraid to face the music. I was in a precarious situation and I tried to get my money back. I knew who took it. I couldn’t prove it and yet I was the one facing jail if I didn’t leave. Who is going to believe a wet drunk anyway?

Everything I worked for went out the window. My 9 months were blown.  The shakes came back worse than ever. I thought I would pass out feeling as though maybe this was the end of the line.

From then on it was lots of false starts. Alcoholism is a progressive disease it waits for you to return and everything is much worse. You really do start questioning everything you said and believed. Unfortunately those that said, I was not alone were right about a lot of things. But I certainly felt alone this time.

Even white-knuckling it, I did crazy stuff that I regret and hate myself for. It would be a long time before I truly understood I was not alone. I was in a bitter morass of self-pity and soon kicked out of places one after another. The insidiousness of this disease was kicking my butt hard. I couldn’t and wouldn’t admit defeat.

I was one always going to show someone how it was done. Yeah, Id show you! It would take a lot of times homeless maybe get a job , maybe find some housing for a while. I learned how to stay dry. I was miserable.

In 1998 I ended up in a treatment center. I’ll never forget went to work that morning working in an office and realized I was falling apart. I was in relationship that wasn’t working. I was mad at me though really. I took it out on them. I was sick, really sick.

I don’t think even back then I realized how sick I was. I was enraged everyday I woke up. How dare God, let me live! How dare all the things that happened. Before it was always a poor pitiful me and now, some stuff I was facing. It wasn’t enough.

Id still drink again, getting back at others. Drown my sorrows! I count from 2004 -present as sober. I still had problems they didn’t go away just because I put down the drink. The relationship ended. I still had the problem. It was me the whole time.

I entered a room and realized more were like me. Shaking our fists at God, saying the whole world was wrong ,and we just couldn’t catch a break.

I have to admit I have lived most of my life as if I just couldn’t catch a break. I do my best not to pretend today. I have made amends where I can. I have had to realize there are no real breaks but there are few real people out in the real world.

I love my family and friends the best I know how. Some days are better than others.

In 2005, I lost my dad about 1 month before my first year sober. That day a part of my world was taken from me and others. It was a miracle that I didn’t even think how I was not going to drink, through this time.

I think it was a week before or maybe the weekend of, life altering events that changed everything in spite of losing him. His parting words to me were: I am proud of you , I love you, and don’t ever forget that. He pointed at me, and I pointed at him back and said you too! I love you too!

One month later, my mom took me to my one year anniversary. I was glad she could see it. I was ecstatic. Nothing is worth me losing my sobriety over today. Not one thing!

I am not alone today. Life is hard but God is good!

Thanks for reading!






When a Song Brings Inspiration for Gratitude

Hi Everyone,

This evening, I wanted to share about how just listening to a song can inspire you to have gratitude.

Let me start by saying, I am from “The Show Me State.” I have said country music is my favorite genre of songs. Tonight as I pulled into my parking space, Chris Janson’s song came on, “When I’m Holding Her.” He was talking about how this one song would be described as autobiographical song in his music career. It describes how he met his wife and the changes that came about and the family they have made together.

Chris Janson is also a Missouri Native.

I cannot get through this song alone, without shedding a few tears as the most glorious thing happens, when two people love each other.

For me personally, it describes something that once was and so dear to my heart, but I just couldn’t get it together. But it makes me grateful I am not there today.

Sometimes unanswered prayers in our minds anyway turn out to be the greatest blessings. I look to many friends and family and see they have the whole world in their hands. They have so many blessings, out of the choices they made.

I also look to my own life and realize as dysfunctional as I maybe a great deal of the time, I too have many blessings.

When I look to my grandma, brother, or my mom, and see nothing but love in their eyes that’s amazing to me. Its heaven on earth.

When my friends round the tables and tell me to keep coming back what a miracle that is for me today.  When I can finally look in the mirror and tell myself, “I love you.”

I can have a bad day today, and it doesn’t have to predict the rest of my life. The bad days are getting fewer in between. I just find a bit more gratitude for each day.

I surround myself with people who have gratitude today as well. My parents tried to instill in me when younger, it matters who you keep in your circle, because you’ll always end up right where they are found.

Today I am trying to make my circle bigger and hopefully, I am making better choices today.

When I’m holding her, turns spiritual for me, because it’s about how God has held me, my dreams, my tears, and my heartache. I look up to God and I thank Him for everything, the good and the bad. It’s taken everything and everyone who has walked in and out of my life.

My problem early on was not knowing the good stuff, was the calm stuff. It’s as simple as being real and two adults having a conversation. Everything can be worked out, given time.

Who knew sometimes all it takes is some talking, prayer, a glass of milk, and fresh hot bread from the oven. Oh and don’t forget hugs and smiles. Those are free and increase your face value!

Here’s the song hope I can do this:

Thanks for reading!




It’s Just One Day At A Time

As far back as I can remember, I can hear the old song “One Day At A Time” by Christy Lane. The song could be heard on the am radio station several times during the day. Many sang it as a soloist special during church services. Though for some it was considered to be a secular song at best, because it was played on the regular radio station with other songs.

Little did I know, that song would have more meaning in my life one day. It is not just a song it seems to be more in a way of life for me. I can’t live outside of today and expect to accomplish anything. I only have these 24 hours. Nothing more and nothing less.

Some 30 – 40 years later after hearing the song frequently, my life would really take on the meaning of, just one day at a time. I had lived life miserably through a series of one bad choice after another. When I realized all I could so is all I could do in any 24 hour period, life began to take shape.

Sometimes, it takes losing everything multiple times, to get the message your way of life isn’t working. That can happen to anyone at any given time. There comes a point, where man can do all he can to help, but dependence up on God takes more faith; and really hanging on, is more than a mere suggestion.

We learn how to breathe differently, we learn how to be grateful for even just one thing in a single day.

Where I live today is truly my sanctuary and refuge. What I have been through is hard to describe. I can tell you about all of my alcoholism, my depression, and bad choices. But those were only symptoms of a bigger problem.

The bigger problem was learning how to live. I feel in many ways, I am just now learning how to do that. My life has been a total fog in the way of just being sober and having a friend or two is not enough.

You have to know how to manage and though you do your best, often it just isn’t good enough. Its hard enough to stay current with yourself with the honesty and integrity that goes with it.

The hardest struggle for me was losing everything sober and little by little gaining it back. Is it all because of my hard work? Heavens, no! It took people who surrounded me with love and help. Not just hand outs, though several were , but it was meant as a hand up even in those hand outs.

Even on my days filled with the most gratitude there are things I think of that were unfair to me. But along with those, I need to concede to the fact I also treated others unfair.

When I first got sober and many different attempts at it I would always get angry with God. I didn’t like the mention of God, especially when faith speaking people came around me.

What changed that for me, was seeing the one or two people where their words matched their actions. For the most part it did seem 100% to me. What did I know? I was just as much of hypocrite, as the ones I despised using the Name of God around me.

How has it changed me? Since I am still not perfect, I can tell you I don’t always keep my thoughts and words in check. However,  when I woke up later than I intended to last Thursday Morning, my mind said to say a certain line to someone normally , I would find humorous in a sarcastic,dark humor sort of way.

Instead I said to God, “I truly give this to you God and I need you to help me choose my words.” I said Good Morning the best I could. It wasn’t half bad and my head didn’t spin around on my neck.

The past things I get angry about at times, I just keep on handing them back to God. I can’t have them in this 24 hours. The same with some sad things that we want to dwell on thinking if we had just changed something back then, it is done it’s over with.

One of the true statements I’ve truly learned and lived from, “it won’t always be this way.” I think that means even the good stuff too. It’s not just the bad stuff, it’s the good stuff as well. I also think the good stuff and bad stuff intertwine so much, that some of that which we call bad is good.

For me, it’s just one day at a time, not doing the same thing over and over , expecting different results. That’s overcoming insanity.





15 Things I Never Want to Forget

Image may contain: Michael Jeff Day Radin, eyeglasses, indoor and closeup

If something ever happened to me, where I had Alzheimer’s or some kind of Dementia, there are things I would hope my family and friends remind me of, with pictures and trips to places.

  1. I’d want to be reminded how much God loves me and that he forgave all my sin.
  2. I want to be reminded of people and ones that have been there along the way. Don’t turn away my friends just because you don’t know them please!
  3. I want to be reminded I am a writer and my crappy pieces I want to be reminded of them. If there’s a couple good ones regardless if you agree please show them to me. (We’ll assume they are all crappy , but please help me get my message out in my life time left).
  4. I want to be reminded how my friend Bruce and I went to Kohl’s and Wal-Mart and Big Mens store to get me clothes for my 20th year or 25th year high School Reunion. How all my high school friends have supported me and wished me well. To never forget the select ones that helped me when I couldn’t even scrape by. How April gave me a Galaxy Tablet when my computer broke down. She, her sister, and others more than once helped me get my prescriptions and food. Michelle helped me with $ and apartment supplies and melissa and many others.
  5. Please help me to never forget the time I sat in one of my two little sisters at the time tea party. How it made them happy and giggle.
  6. Help me remember I have been survivor and I walked through hell in this life at times. How I still came out the other side with God holding me up, like I was wounded soldier but with determination I’d make it.
  7. My mom at times would just pull me in a hug and pray for me even if she was at odds with me, as I can be stubborn, (I realize this is a shock to many of you, aren’t you sweet to act as if).  How she helped me with struggling times when she had no clue where money was going to come from I am sure. Her and her husband giving me a car. Don’t let me forget I loved to drive and take road trips.
  8. How a friend helped me and please also that he be paid back no matter how.
  9. Remind me of the things I love to cook and bake.
  10. Don’t let me forget John, Kassi, Marie, Barbie, Kristie, James, Steve, Gary, Joel, Calvin, Nick, Rob, Cathy, Justin, Patricia, Patrice, Joni Amy(Ames), Hevyn, Captain, LTT, Kari, Babs, Tink, Tommy, Keith, Patrick, Ann, and others specifically Patrick Keith and Joni know. There are lots of others!
  11. Please tell a pastor Gene and Margie or at least their Daughter Cynthia Joy how much it did mean for them to help me have weekends in Desoto.
  12. The Bluffs, my poems and specifically Sunny Days On The Bluffs Please read it to me daily I wrote it, its part of my heart and breath of life.
  13. My friend Mark. My friends Nathan, Kareen, Mike and Jeanne and please take me over my face book page.
  14. Country Music Don’t let me forget my country music , even if you hate it, please play it in my room. The Real country, not this rap crap country music. That might jar me back into reality for a few minutes and don’t get mad if I say a cuss word over it. I have strong feelings about this!
  15. My other Friend Mark Hagan camping and shaving cream I am gonna get him back one day!

Just hold my hand and remind me its all going to be okay and tell me about Jesus waiting to take me home. Take me to a bonfire, if you don’t know what one is you talk to Kassi  her husband knows one is.

One last thing and it’s really important, Coffee if I have to explain this you really don’t know me at all.

Thanks for reading!


I Have an Eclectic Taste in Music

Music is a very powerful thing. It can be pure and good. Some music has a dark side to it and other music fun and passionate. There’s always a message in every kind of music there is.

Over several years, I am big believer in making sure you know what you’re listening to and why. My parents used to tell me the same thing. I didn’t want to hear it I was a rebel when it came to music. I was the worst kind of rebel I would do want my parents wanted in front of their eyes but alone I did as I pleased.

This only gives you a small insight of my upbringing, after I realized there was more music types than Country and Southern Gospel.

I guess I always knew there was more, but then I learned even more kinds. In between Soul Train and American Band Stand there was a lot more soul going on.

Mind you my parents never knew that was even part of my listening and watching era.

Let me just back up a bit. Country was always, and I mean always a part of what I listened to that had any meaning in life. Yes, 4 bald tires on the side of the road and no help in sight. The dog got loose, and the girl ran away.

But that’s not all there is to country music. It was about God and standing up for what is right too. It is about families sticking it out and staying together and praying to make through one more day.

I just wanted to be clear there’s a positive side to telling happy things, in country songs too.

Sunday Mornings when I was a small kid was watching the Lester Family at Meramec Caverns and Onondaga Cave Station on television while getting ready for church.

Speaking of church, that is where the hymns were learned and sang and sometimes maybe not so joyful. This had me thinking as a kid even, “so this has to be a hard thing.”

I am not done with church yet, if you think you must shake your butt in church, let me be the first to point out… That’s not The Holy Spirit! (See even I have a judgement or two).

Now on a different note I learned other types of music and being passionate outside church. Getting caught in the rain and dancing with the one you love, it doesn’t just happen in movies! It happens in real life.

Dr Hook, Teddy Pendergrass, Otis Redding, James Brown, Jackson Brown, and many others.

Now with my parents I went through the Christian Rock era and I still revisit all kinds of music I did even back then. I still love listening to Pink Floyd given a day.

One pastor and I jammed listening to Black Sabbath. I bet that shocks some people, but I do love all kinds of music. 80’s and 90’s with movie track of Dirty Dancing.

I don’t have a reason to go to a bar anymore, but if there’s one thing I miss about it was the dancing.

I remember enjoying the bubblegum  music with my aunt for the most part. But who can for get Meatloaf Paradise by the Dash Board lights or the Georgia Satellites Keep your Hands to Yourself.

For me personally, I must be careful where I allow that music to take me. It is guaranteed you play right song at the wrong I can go sliding down the spiral of depression or worse, right into something I can’t get out of too easy.

All music is passionate, and all music has a message!

Thanks for reading!